The Pfarrer-Sahm Foundation

The Pfarrer-Sahm Foundation was established to promote conservation efforts of the churches in Maria Sternbach and Wickstadt, well known as pilgrimage churches. St. Gangolf is an old church secluded in the forest between Wickstadt and Florstadt in the one-time village known as Maria Sternbach. It was first mentioned in old records in 778 A.D. St. Nikolaus is the church in Wickstadt.

This foundation is named after Pfarrer Sahm (Father Sahm) who was active in the Wickstadt Parish from June 1974 to December 2008. During his 30+ years, he restarted holding mass services in Maria Sternbach and was vital in the conservation effort of both the St. Gangolf and St. Nikolaus churches. The current pilgrimages to Maria Sternbach are the result of his re-living this pilgrimage tradition.

The foundation was established after Pfarrer Sahm retired, in honour of his dedicated service to his parish. Your contribution goes a long way in helping preserve this age-old tradition of pilgrimages to Maria Sternbach, as well as preserving this church as a merciful place of prayer. In addition, it will also assist in maintaining this cultural heritage for our children and future generations to come.

What is a Foundation?

A foundation is a non-profit organization which may have charitable purposes(s). This type of non-profit organization may either donate funds and support to other organizations, or provide the sole source of funding for their own charitable activities.

The foundation’s basic capital may not be touched; instead only the accumulated annual interest on the foundation’s capital may be used for the organization’s defined purpose.

Thus, it differs from normal donation funds which may use all donation proceeds i.e. for renovation purposes. All contributions to a foundation not only help increase the annual interest accrued, they also increase the basic capital and this has a multiplying factor not only for a year but for decades and centuries. Your contributions give you the opportunity to contribute and support to the foundation’s purpose.

How Can I Help?

Anyone who would like to help in the conservation efforts of the old churches in Maria Sternbach and Wickstadt and the continuation of pilgrimages there are most welcome to contribute.
Contributions allowed include the transfers of monies or valuable goods like property. In addition, a legacy (testamentary gift of personal property as stated in a legal will) is also allowed. Such testamentary gifts are exempted from the inheritance tax in Germany.

Other reasons for contributions may include:

  • A decadal birthday
  • An anniversary
  • A cultural event
  • A good business year
  • A legacy in a will

Bank Details

IBAN: DE43 3706 0193 4417 0700 15
Bank: Pax-Bank eG

Please state your name and address on the bank transfer form so that we can send you a receipt. Cash is also accepted and will naturally be deposited on your behalf.